Egyptian Biotech Era Vol.6 | Genome Editing Advancements

The Egyptian Biotech Era Vol.6 | Genome Editing Advancements

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is glad to announce the launch of the “The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminar”. The sixth seminar in EBE Seminars.

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is a national initiative aims for Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness to integrate the aspects of community entrepreneurship with the power of scientific research. Our fundamental mission is the academic and the professional awareness for the Egyptian Biotechnologists to illustrate the importance of this field and the ability within its concepts and techniques.

The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Semiars Vol.6 | Genome Editing Advancements

◘ Description:

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is proud to introduce The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars for the first time as an idea and implementation in the Egyptian community aiming for spreading the Science of the twenty one century in Egypt. The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars is a series of seminars which are organized monthly every year. We believe that this idea will highly connect the Egyptian Biotechnologists. EBE Seminars has a unique and continuously improved atmosphere for Biotech Entrepreneurs, Biotech Students, Research and Scientists. EBE Seminars will provide a monthly interactions between all of these categories, so we will try to Organize enough lectures in the trending fields. As will as getting different chances to provide workshops, scholarships, and encourage young researchers to present their research studies.

◘ History:

In March 2016, EBE opening seminar held at the National Research Center, Dokki, Giza. In collaboration with Middle East Molecular Biology Sources and Ain Shams Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, with the participation of different categories from Biotechnology students. Then, in Jul 2016 we organized the second edition of EBE, and along 2017 we organized three editions of EBE seminar. All these efforts resulted in well-organized seminars with Biotechnology topics in the academic sector. Attendance of the organized events from EBE reached 1000+ Attendees.

◘ Aim:

EBE Seminars will provide a monthly interactions between all of these categories, so we will try to achieve the following goals below:

• The Main Aspects:

  • Integrating market with the Academic Community.
  • Createing diverse sessions to improve audience skills.
  • Encourage young researchers to present their researches study.
  • Organize enough lectures in the new research fields monthly.
  • Getting different chances to provide workshops, scholarships.

• Targeted Groups:

  • Biosciences and Technology Students.
  • Biotechnology Students and Graduates.
  • Biotech Professors and Lecturers.
  • Young Biotechnology Researches.
  • Biotech Entrepreneurs.

• Sessions and Lectures Keywords:

Genetic Engineering • Stem Cells • Bioinformatics • Cancer Biology • Nanobiotechnology • Gene Banks • Personalized Medicine • Synthetic Biology • Systems Biology • Biosensors • Genomics • Proteomics • Tissue Engineering • Gene Therapy • Next Generation Sequencing • Virology • Bioelectricity • Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology • Scientific Research • Evolutionary Biology • Environmental Biotechnology • Molecular Biology • Immunology • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Biodiversity • The Earth Genome Project • Marine Biotechnology • Agricultural Biotechnology • Panel Discussion • Bioengineering • 3d Printing • Evolution • Biotech Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Startups.


The Main Conferences Hall, AGERI, Agricultural Research Center, Giza.

Date and Time

List of Speakers

Name Position Lectures PPT
Zakhary, Nadia Job Title Lecture Preview

● Registration Fees

◘ Registration Fees are supported from STDF / No Registration Fees

● Registration Process

  1. Please, scan your University ID and your National ID from both sides and send us the photo with the following information (Full Name, Mobile number, Email Address and your university or institution) via this email "".
  2. After following these steps, wait our reply to your email with the registration form link, you will fill this application form.

*For Complaints and Inquiries please call: 01009477184

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Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. Every individual has the right for only one discount.
  2. Registration discounts are not combined with each other.
  3. Every registrant responsible for full filling his registration form.
  4. Group registration is completed only by the group representative.
  5. Refunds of registration fees are denied after 7 days of registration.
  6. Partners’ workshops always for extra fees submitted directly to them.
  7. Individual registration must be completed only by the same individual.
  8. Certificates of attendance are not available for EBE seminars, only a thanks email.
  9. Payment documents (tickets, receipts…etc) must be with the registrants untill the end of the event.
  10. Bank deposit is the official registration method for (groups, discounts, graduates and non-Egyptians).
  11. Payment documents (tickets, receipts…etc) must be saved at the original condition of the document.
  12. Disclaimer of liability if any of our registrants has neglected to maintain his payment documents (tickets, receipts…etc).
  13. We are not responsible for any mistakes in certificates names, if the same formula is already registered in the registration form.


Dear Attendee,

Welcome to “Bio Team Egypt”, It is my honor to welcome every one of you to the sixth volume of EBE Seminars, 2022.

EBE Seminars has set its priority to be a platform for Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Scientific dialogue, bringing together an inclusive spectrum of figures from the academia and private sectors. Scientific advancements, research and innovation are shared, exchanged and discussed within the professional network to decide how sciences, technology and entrepreneurship can be integrated to practically serve the economic and social needs for Egypt and our global society as well.

We are concerned with Biotechnology awareness for the academic community with the main aspects of Biotechnology including: Multidisciplinary points of view, Biotech-Entrepreneurship and how research can be the real motive of technology and economic growth. These concepts will be discussed in “National Biotechnology Congress Vol.1” that is addressing “A Neoteric Millennium”.

Whether you are here for the first time or are joining us again, Welcome! We promise that you will gain knowledge, insights and understanding from our sessions, Lectures and speakers. We hope to continue participate in future seminars of “Bio Team Egypt”.

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Organizing Committee

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About Us

Bio Team Egypt
We are Egyptian activists in the field of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness. Researchers, engineers and undergrad students from divers Egyptian universities and institutions. One target has collected us, is to create an Egyptian scientific community which is specialized into Biotechnology.

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