The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars

We are proud to introduce The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars for the first time as an idea and implementation in the Egyptian community aiming for more spreading and more knowledge about the Science of the twenty-one century –Biotechnology- in whole Egypt. "The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars" is a series of seminars which is organized monthly every year. We believe that this idea will achieve a very high communication links between all the Egyptian Biotechnologists, also those who are concerned with this kind of science and technology. EBES has a unique and continuously improved atmosphere for Biotech Entrepreneurs, Biotech Students, Research and Scientists. EBES will provide a monthly interaction between all these categories, so we will try to Organize enough lectures in the new research fields. We will work on getting different chances provides workshops, scholarships, encourage young researchers to present their research studies. Work on Create diverse sessions to improve audience skills. Work on integrating market with the Academic Community.
History of "The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars" since 2016. The opening seminar held at the National Research Center on 17 Mar 2016. Dokki, Giza. In collaboration with Middle East Molecular Biology Sources and Ain Shams Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, with the participation of different categories from Biotechnology students. Then, in 30 Jul 2016 we organized the second edition of EBES, and along 2017 we organized three editions of the seminar. All these efforts produced highly organized seminars with a very specialized Biotechnology topics. Attendance of the organized events from EBES seminars reached 1000+ Attendees.

About Us

Bio Team Egypt
We are Egyptian activists in the field of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness. Researchers, engineers and undergrad students from divers Egyptian universities and institutions. One target has collected us, is to create an Egyptian scientific community which is specialized into Biotechnology.

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