National Biotech Congress

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is proud to introduce this category of events for the first time in Egypt. “National Biotech Congress” will be a unique experience which will never be forgotten, we will provide you with all the actual aspects of Biotechnology within three days with the help of tens of experts, professors, researchers and doctors in the field of Biotechnology from all the prestigious universities and research centers of Egypt. “National Biotech Congress” is a huge chance to obtain a lot of experiences and opportunities. “National Biotech Congress” is a well-designed experience, by your attendance you will shorten the required time for success. A wide range of networking all over Egypt are waiting. Moreover, the concepts of Biotechnology will be illustrated through our decent program across three days of the conference by many important lectures from experienced professors who are aware with all your needs and inquiries about the future. In addition to, biotechnology new researches, talks, projects, discussions and more.

We are at "Bio Team Egypt" believe in the importance of community entrepreneurship. Also, how Biotechnology could participate in this race of development. "National Biotech Congress" is the first confrence in Egypt which integrates the aspects of Biotechnology, Bioinforamatics and Nanobiotechnology with entrepreneurship conceptes to encourage our auidiance to turn all thier ideas into successful projects.

About Us

Bio Team Egypt
We are Egyptian activists in the field of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness. Researchers, engineers and undergrad students from divers Egyptian universities and institutions. One target has collected us, is to create an Egyptian scientific community which is specialized into Biotechnology.

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