National Biotech Congress Vol.2

Save The Date 8-9 Feb 2023
National Biotech Congress Vol.2
National Biotech Congress
National Biotech Congress Vol.2

What's New?

National Biotech Congress Vol.2 will have many categories of sessions and lectures as well, this sessions will present the national research centers in Egypt and their role in Biotechnology within the Egyptian community in terms of research, industry, health and agriculture. Also, will focus on Entrepreneurship awareness to integrate the aspects of community entrepreneurship with the power of scientific research.


Bio Team Egypt Foundation in collaboration with UnigeneX Connect are glad to announce the launch of the “National Biotech Congress Vol.2” A Neoteric Millennium. The first conference in this category and the sixth conference of the team.

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is a national initiative aims for Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness to integrate the aspects of community entrepreneurship with the power of scientific research. Our fundamental mission is the academic and the professional awareness for the Egyptian Biotechnologists to illustrate the importance of this field and the ability within its concepts and techniques.

National Biotech Congress Vol.2 | A Neoteric Millennium

◘ Aim:

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is proud to introduce this category of events for the first time in Egypt. “National Biotech Congress” will be a unique experience which will never be forgotten, we will introduce all the actual aspects of Biotechnology within two days with the help of tens of experts, professors, researchers and doctors in the field of Biotechnology from all the prestigious universities and research centers of Egypt. “National Biotech Congress” is a huge chance to obtain lots of experiences and opportunities, and with our team help we will ensure that you will gain the best experience ever.

“National Biotech Congress” is a well-designed experience for you, by your attendance you will shorten the required time for success. A wide range of networking all over Egypt are waiting you to be in touch with. Moreover, the concepts of Biotechnology will be very illustrated through our decent program across three days of the conference by many important lectures from experienced professors who are aware with all your needs and inquiries about the future. In addition to, biotechnology new researches, talks, projects, discussions and more.

• The Main Aspects:

  • Biotechnology Researches
  • Biotechnology Applications
  • Concepts of Biotechnology
  • The Integration Between Science and Entrepreneurship

• The Main Targeted Groups:

  • Researchers who are looking for recruiting members in their research team.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for recruiting employees for their startups.
  • Graduates who are looking for new professional networks, opportunities or collaborations.
  • Biosciences specialists who are looking for extending their expertise in the field of Biotechnology.
  • Young researchers who are looking for reference ideas for their upcoming research work, or an experienced mentor.
  • Students who are looking for the understanding of Biotechnology through high-value lectures or academic communications with experienced professors and doctors.

• Sessions and Lectures Keywords:

Genetic Engineering • Stem Cells • Bioinformatics • Cancer Biology • Nanobiotechnology • Gene Banks • Personalized Medicine • Synthetic Biology • Systems Biology • Biosensors • Genomics • Proteomics • Tissue Engineering • Gene Therapy • Next Generation Sequencing • Virology • Bioelectricity • Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology • Scientific Research • Evolutionary Biology • Environmental Biotechnology • Molecular Biology • Immunology • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Biodiversity • The Earth Genome Project • Marine Biotechnology • Agricultural Biotechnology • Panel Discussion • Bioengineering • 3d Printing • Evolution • Biotech Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Startups.


To Be Announced

Date and Time

Wednesday – 8th February 2023

Thursday - 9th February 2023

List of Speakers

Name Position Lectures Confirmation
Helal, Mohamed Professor of Biomedical Sciences, Zewail City of Sciences and Technology. Lecture Confirmed
Labib, Ingy Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Immunology, Head of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Department, Vice Dean of Community Services and Environmental affairs, College of Biotechnology, MUST. Lecture Confirmed
Yousry, Hoda Associate Professor of Medical Genetics, Director of Molecular Biology Unit – Center of Excellence in Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine – Suez Canal University. Founder and Entrepreneur at MED PREDICT Inc. Lecture Confirmed
Mona, Abdelgawad - Lecture Confirmed
Abouelhoda, Mohamed - Lecture Not yet
Mahmoud, Bahagat - Lecture Not yet
To be announced - Lecture Not yet
To be announced - Lecture Not yet
To be announced - Lecture Not yet

● Special Offer Registration Fees (Limited Time Till 31 Oct 2022)

◘ Class (A):

"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Conference Bag, Lunch Break"

  • 975 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 875 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 775 L.E for (U) Undergraduates


"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Coffee Break"

  • 675 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 575 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 475 L.E for (U) Undergraduates

● Early Bird Registration Fees (Starts from 1 Nov 2022)

◘ Class (A):

"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Conference Bag, Lunch Break"

  • 975 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 900 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 800 L.E for (U) Undergraduates


"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Coffee Break"

  • 775 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 675 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 575 L.E for (U) Undergraduates

● Regular Registration Fees (Starts from 1 Dec 2022)

◘ Class (A):

"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Conference Bag, Lunch Break"

  • 1000 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 975 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 875 L.E for (U) Undergraduates


"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Coffee Break"

  • 800 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 700 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 600 L.E for (U) Undergraduates

● Late Registration Fees (Starts from 1 Jan 2023)

◘ Class (A):

"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Conference Bag, Lunch Break"

  • 1000 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 975 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 875 L.E for (U) Undergraduates


"Fees Includes: 2 Days Attendance, Coffee Break"

  • 850 L.E for (R) Researchers (MSc., PhD.)
  • 750 L.E for (G) Graduates (BSc.)
  • 650 L.E for (U) Undergraduates

● Step 1: Payments

● Bank Deposit: (Available Till 31 January 2023 - Registration Tips - Registration Terms)

1. Banque Masr: you can make a bank deposit from any "Banque Masr" branch across Egypt by the following account number (1180333000002076). After depositing conference fees you will receive the deposit receipt, keep this document with you safely. (Click Here for more details about the nearest branch)

2. Instapay: you can make a bank transfer from your bank account through "InstaPay Application" to our "Payment Address" (bioteamegy@instapay). (Click Here to get InstaPay App for Android - The application is available at Playstore)

3. Commercial International Bank (CIB): you can make a bank transfer through any CIB ATM machine which provides the card-less services (24 hours a day). By pressing (Card Less Deposit - Deposit into Account - Enter the Account Number (100032738014) - Enter your Mobile Number - Insert your fees - Confirm - Receive your receipt). (Click Here for YouTube video with the detailed steps)

Click Here for more information about the nearest CIB ATM Card-less deposit machine.

● Mobile Cash Services: (Inside Egypt)

You can transfer your registration fees via the following mobile cash services (Vodafone, Etisalat). Registration fees are transferred as cash not SIM credit.

  1. Vodafone Cash: 01009477184 (+ 10LE Service Fees)
  2. Etisalat Cash: 01124878795 (+ 10LE Service Fees)

● Bio Team Egypt Representatives: (Available Till 30 December 2022)

You can call one of our representatives from the following universities or institutions across Great Cairo and Egypt.

  1. National Research Center: 01122319605
  2. Agricultural Research Center: 01122319605
  3. Cairo University: 01064916289
  4. Ain Shams University: 01012101810
  5. Helwan University: 01124878795
  6. Azhar University: 01069429963
  7. MUST University: 01069429963
  8. MSA University: 01069429963
  9. Badr University: 01069429963
  10. Nile University: 01069429963

*For Any Other Egyptian University: 01009477184

● Step 2: Registration

  1. After the payments you must have the "Payment Document/info".
  2. "Payment Document" of the "Bank Deposit" is the Bank Receipt.
  3. "Payment Info" of "Vodafone/Etisalat Cash" is the "Sender Number".
  4. "Payment Info" of "InstaPay" is the "Sender Name and Transfer Reference Number".
  5. If you pay via our team representative then, the payment document is the conference ticket.
  6. Then please, scan the following from both sides (Payment Document/info, National ID/Passport, and University ID) and send us the scans as attachments with your Full Name in English, Mobile number, Email Address and your university/institution via "".

● Step 3: Confirmation

After following these steps, wait our reply to your email with the registration form link, to fill your application. You have to keep the "Deposit Receipt" with you.

*For Complaints and Inquiries please call: 01009477184

*Email Address:

*Facebook Page - website Mailbox

Registration Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no certificates of attendance
  2. Every individual has the right for only one discount.
  3. Registration discounts are not combined with each other.
  4. Every registrant responsible for full filling his registration form.
  5. Group registration is completed only by the group representative.
  6. Refunds of registration fees are denied after 14 days of registration.
  7. Individual registration must be completed only by the same individual.
  8. Payment documents (tickets, receipts…etc) must be with the registrants till the end of the event.
  9. Bank deposit is the official registration method for (groups, discounts, graduates and non-Egyptians).
  10. Payment documents (tickets, receipts…etc) must be saved at the original condition of the document.
  11. Date, time, agenda, and location are subject to change for better experience at the conference
  12. Disclaimer of liability if any of our registrants has neglected to maintain his payment documents (tickets, receipts…etc).

Feedback Form

● Introduction

Bio Team Egypt is glad to hear your thoughts about our events or projects you witnessed, The most important aspect of events organization is the mutual development which is resulted by effective communication. Feedback forms are playing a massive role in improving this type of communication, So that we can reach the perfect image we all seek. The Egyptian Biotechnology Community is waiting us to strengthen our abilities in sharing ideas and dreams about the future. Your feedback is always have been taken into consideration, So don't think that your words will never reach us. All your comments, notes or evaluation will be a corner stone to our future projects and events. We advice you to take this form seriously and Do Not hold back your constructive criticism.

● Terms and Conditions

  1. Feedback Form is closed after 5 Days from the conference Closing.
  2. Filling up Your Feedback Form is must, to receive your certificate.
  3. You have no right to claim your certificate if you did not fulfill your feedback form.

* Will be available soon

Call for Sponsors

Dear Sponsor,

Bio Team Egypt Foundation is glad to invite you to join us to our vision for a powerful scientific community concerns with Biotechnology in Egypt and the middle east, we are totally prepared to help you reach your goals through our bunch of well-organized events, seminars and conferences. This volume of "National Biotech Congress" is the tenth event and the fifth conference to our foundation which gained a very valuable expertise through five years of hard working and commitment.

* Click Here to Download the Sponsorship Packages as Pdf

You can contact us via for more details about the sponsorship of National Biotech Congress.

List of Sponsors

Desert Research Center

Agricultural Research Center

National Research Center

The Egyptian Society for Progenitor Cell Research

Ain Shams Center For Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Sponsors Registration

You can contact us via for details about the sponsorship of National Biotech Congress.

Abstract Book

Dear Attendee,

Welcome to “Bio Team Egypt”, It is my honor to welcome every one of you to the first volume of National Biotechnology Congress, 2023.

National Biotech Congress has set its priority to be a platform for Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Scientific dialogue, bringing together an inclusive spectrum of figures from the academia and private sectors. Scientific advancements, research and innovation are shared, exchanged and discussed within the professional network to decide how sciences, technology and entrepreneurship can be integrated to practically serve the economic and social needs for Egypt and our global society as well.

We are concerned with Biotechnology awareness for the academic community with the main aspects of Biotechnology including: Multidisciplinary points of view, Biotech-Entrepreneurship and how research can be the real motive of technology and economic growth. These concepts will be discussed in “National Biotechnology Congress Vol.1” that is addressing “A Neoteric Millennium”.

Whether you are here for the first time or are joining us again, Welcome! We promise that you will gain knowledge, insights and understanding from our sessions, Lectures and speakers. We hope to continue participate in future conferences of “Bio Team Egypt”.

* Click Here to Download NBC Abstract Book as Pdf

Video Library

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In the Press

Title Date Publisher
لقاء مع أ. د. شيرين عاصم، نائب رئيس مركز البحوث الزراعية لشئون البحوث 05/02/2020 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. محمد علي، أستاذ مساعد وراثة وتربية المحاصيل 30/01/2020 Media Committee
لقاء مع أ. د. نجلاء عبدالله، رئيس مركز التميز الزراعي 17/01/2020 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. ياسر شاهين، رئيس قسم البيولوجيا الجزيئية، المركز القومي للبحوث 10/01/2020 Media Committee
لقاء مع أ. د. سلوى الهالوتي، أستاذ الكيمياء الحيوية 08/01/2020 Media Committee
لقاء مع أ. د. هبة الرفاعي، رئيس وحدة المؤتمرات بالمركز القومي للبحوث 29/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. وائل المنوفي، أستاذ مساعد الميكروبيولوجيا الجزيئية، معهد بحوث الهندسة الوراثية الزراعية 29/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. سامح سعد، رئيس قسم أبحاث بيولوجيا الأورام بمستشفى سرطان الأطفال 57357 29/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. هبة النجار، باحث بمعهد بحوث الأمصال واللقاحات البيطرية 29/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. \ محمد عطية، أستاذ مساعد الخرائط الجينومية، بمعهد بحوث الهندسة الوراثية الزراعية (أجيري) 26/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع أ. د. \ وليد الشارود، أستاذ البيولوجيا التكوينية بجامعة المنصورة 26/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع الدكتور \ ايهاب عبدالرؤوف، منسق برنامج التكنولوجيا الحيوية الجزيئية جامعة حلوان 24/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. تحسين شعلة، أستاذ مساعد البيولوجيا الجزيئية 24/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع د. محمد عبدالحكيم، أستاذ مساعد الكيمياء الحيوية 24/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع أ. زياد علي، الرئيس والمدير التنفيذي لشركة بيكوك القابضة 22/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء مع الأستاذ الدكتور \ نادية زخاري، وزير البحث العلمي السابق 20/12/2019 Media Committee
لقاء اعلامي مع الدكتور \ هشام سلام، مكتشف حفرية ديناصور المنصورة «المنصوراصوراس» 18/12/2019 Media Committee
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«مُبادرة التكنولوجيا الحيوية للجميع» أول مُبادرة مصرية للتوعية عن العلوم والتكنولوجيا الحيوية 6 Dececmber 2017 The Egyptian Biotechnologist
المؤتمر الأول لـ«Bio Team Egypt» بداية حلم للتكنولوجيا الحيوية في مصر 29 Oct 2015 The Egyptian Biotechnologist
Dr. Ahmed Hussien interview after his Lecture "Evolutionary Biology" 3 May 2018 Media Committee
عندما سئلنا مجموعة من كبار الأساتذة والباحثين عن Bio Team Egypt | ماذا كانت الإجابة؟ 4 May 2018 Media Committee
Dr. Noha Esam interview after Lecture about "Assisted Reproductive techniques" 11 May 2018 Media Committee
Dr. Ahmed Zain at his interview after his Lecture "Proteomics Analysis" 11 May 2018 Media Committee
Dr. Sawsan El-Ateaq interview after her lecture "Genetic Engineering" 11 May 2018 Media Committee
Prof. Dr. Tamer Salem's interview after his lecture "Gene Therapy" 15 May 2018 Media Committee
Prof. Dr. Reem Arfa interview after her lecture "Bioinformatics and Drug Design" 18 May 2018 Media Committee
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al Zohairy interview after his lecture about Bioinformatics 18 May 2018 Media Committee
«bio team».. انتفاضة علمية على أرض مصرية 3 March 2016 Vetogate
فريق Bio Team ينطلق بثاني فاعلياته بعنوان "Biotech Juniors" 30 Oct 2016 Shafaff
شفاف | المؤتمر الأول ل "Bio Team Egypt" بالمركز القومي للبحوث 29 Oct 2015 Shafaff
شفاف | "Bio team" يناقش أبحاث الخلايا الجزعية 5 March 2017 Shafaff
شفاف | المؤتمر الثاني لفريق "Bio Team" بالجامعات المصرية 29 Oct 2019 Shafaff
شفاف | "Biotechnology for all" أول مبادرة مصرية للتوعية عن التكنولوجيا الحيوية 29 Oct 2015 Shafaff


Non-Egyptian participants arriving in Egypt are required to be in possession of a valid passport for at least 6 months. Entry visas may be obtained from Egyptian Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad. It is, however, possible for most of the visitors to obtain an entry visa at any of the Major Ports of Entry.

Visitors entering Egypt at the overland border post to Taba to visit Gulf of Aqaba coast and St. Catherine can be exempted from visa and granted a free residence permit for fourteen days to visit this area only. Citizens of the following countries are required to be in possession of a pre-arrival visa: Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chechnya, Croatia, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Lebanon, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldavia, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, The Philippines, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Sri-Lanka, Tadzhikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and all African countries. It is, however, highly recommended to check with the nearest Egyptian Consulate for specific details and regulations relevant to your nationality. Here is a List of Egyptian Embassies Worldwide.

A visa would approximately cost US$15 - US$800 depending on the nationality.

For further information, please check the official website of Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on


The Airline you choose to travel to Egypt will most probably determine your landing in one of the following airports. Please note that the closest airports to the conference venue are the first two airports:


All participants are kindly requested to arrange their transportation to and from the conference venue.

1) Trains: Each major city has a central train station. In Cairo, it is Ramses Square. For more information or for online ticket booking please visit the official website of the ENR (Egyptian National Railways)

2) Buses: Buses are the second option to travel to Cairo, you can choose from several bus companies. West Delta, Super Jet or El Gouna are the companies most popular. Tickets cost range between EGP 30 and EGP 50, and you may call ahead to determine if there are any changes in the bus schedule.

3) Air Travel: If you do not mind paying extra and do not want to waste your time, domestic air travel is also available between most major cities. Please check (

B) Transportation within the cities

1) Limousine Services: Limousine services are offered by different companies for fixed fees. Representatives are located, upon arrival, at the airport and at hotel lobbies. Contact us for more information.

2) Public Taxis: Public taxis are found all over the city of Cairo. Cairo taxis are notable for their black and white color. When taking a taxi, you should agree on the fee before your ride.

3) Metro (Cairo): The cheapest and fastest means of transport in Cairo is the “Metro system” whose station locations are marked by a big red "M" sign. The Metro runs daily from 5:30 am until 12:30 am. Tickets cost 3 L.E for nine stations, 5 L.E for 16 stations and 7 L.E for more than 16 stations. The front wagon of every train is dedicated for women only.

Banking and Currency

Egyptian pound (EGP) - Livre Egyptian (LE) is equivalent to 100 piasters. Notes are in denominations of EGP 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1. Coins are in denominations of 100 (EGP 1), 50, 25, 20, 10 and 5 piasters.

● Currency exchange

It is always available at banks and official exchange offices. There are five national banks and 78 branches of foreign banks.

● Credit and debit cards

MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Visa are accepted. Check with your credit or debit Card Company for details of merchant acceptability and other services which may be available.

● Traveller’s cheques

To avoid additional exchange rate charges, travelers are advised to take travelers cheques in US dollars, Euros or Sterling pounds.

● Currency restrictions

  • The import and export of foreign currency is unlimited; although it is mandatory to report the specific amount in cash if it exceeds US $10,000.
  • The import of local currency is unlimited.
  • There is a limit of 1000 Egyptian Pounds in cash that you may take out of Egypt.

● Exchange rates

For additional information about the latest exchange rates, please visit the website:

Photo Gallery

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Organizing Committee

Name Position E-mail
Name, Name Organizer -

*For Complaints and Inquiries please call: 01009477184

*Email Address:

*Facebook Page - website Mailbox

Volunteer with Us!

●   Introduction

We are Bio Team Egypt. A non-profit national foundation aiming for Biotechnology continuous learning. We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities which bridging the needs of the Egyptian Biotech youth for self-development and gaining experiences. Many categories of events organized every year by enthusiastic young students, graduates and researchers in an epic and collaborative work to reach our prospective of success rates. Volunteering with “Bio Team Egypt” is a unique experience which lets you obtain the required skills for the market such as Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Organization, Logistics, Public Speaking, Management, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Human Resources and Human Development…etc. Those skills are obtained by designed experiments and trainings through the volunteering period to qualify our volunteers to deal with any situation. Also, we offer a proved recommendation letter from our academic sponsors for those who have completed at least 8 months of volunteering at “Bio Team Egypt”. In addition to a professional profile in our volunteers’ archive on the website. (Terms and Conditions Are Applied)

●   Volunteers Call

“Bio Team Egypt” calls for a new generation of volunteers to apply, we are glad to announce the availability of volunteering opportunities in our General Volunteering Program. Fields of Volunteering are Public Relations, Organization, E-Marketing and Marketing. Main requirements are Basic Soft Skills, Thinking Criteria, Deep Mentality, Good Formulation, Formal Attitude, Biotechnology Student, Graduate or Young Researcher. If shortlisted, You must contact us with your CV and any previous experience via the following email,, If your mentioned experience are accepted, You will be referred to the personal interview phase.

Volunteers are must be Biotechnology students and preferred to be from the following universities:
    ● Ain Shams University
    ● Cairo University
    ● MUST University
    ● MSA University
    ● GUC University
    ● Helwan University

Volunteers will work on organizing different range of events including conferences, seminars, and workshops. Every volunteer will work on specific task for specific time that is expected to be determined upon the overall work requirements. These tasks within the following main committees (Strategies and organization, Marketing and E-Marketing, Public and Academic Relations, Team Representation, Fund Management and Logistics). You can search about these terminologies in order to get more understanding in depth about every aspect. Bio Team Egypt is concerned about the flexibility of the team members so that every volunteer would gain the full experience with the team. Furthermore, members must be willing to perform diverse tasks within their volunteering period in order to achieve his evaluation full mark. More details will be provided after proceeding applications for selected applicants.

●   Personal Specifications

Essential: Charisma ● Analytical ● Self-confidence ● Patient and polite ● Friendly personality ● Smart and Open minded ● Ability to influence others ● Flexibility and adaptability ● The ability of self-learning ● Has the ability to act and dress in a formal way ● The ability to work under pressure (Hard worker).

Desired: Initiative ● Leadership ● Stress management ● General Knowledge ● Business etiquette ● Creative person ● Presentation skills ● Adept formal writer ● Have a nose for news ● Marketing bases background ● Should be people orientated ● Has the ability to negotiate ● Has the ability to manage time ● Ability to speak fluent English ● Has the ability to work in a team ● Has the ability to make a perfect sales call ● Has the ability to solve the customers’ problems ● Commitment (the first impression is the last impression).

●   Contact Details

If there is any inquiries don't hesitate to contact us via the following details:
    ● Email:
    ● Mob: (+20)1009477184
    ● Contact Form

●   Notes:
1. Bio Team Egypt does not provide any scientific or practical training for his members.
2. Bio Team Egypt is only responsible for providing rich experiences so that his members can simulate the market reality.
3. Bio Team Egypt does not provide any recommendation letters or credentials for any member violated team rules.
4. Bio Team Egypt does not provide any recommendation letters or credentials for any member didn't complete his experiment with the team or a period of time equals 12 months whichever is farther.

Fill Your Application Form

About Us

Bio Team Egypt
We are Egyptian activists in the field of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness. Researchers, engineers and undergrad students from divers Egyptian universities and institutions. One target has collected us, is to create an Egyptian scientific community which is specialized into Biotechnology.

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