●   Introduction

We are Bio Team Egypt. A non-profit national foundation aiming for Biotechnology continuous learning. We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities which bridging the needs of the Egyptian Biotech youth for self-development and gaining experiences. Many categories of events organized every year by enthusiastic young students, graduates and researchers in an epic and collaborative work to reach our prospective of success rates. Volunteering with “Bio Team Egypt” is a unique experience which lets you obtain the required skills for the market such as Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Organization, Logistics, Public Speaking, Management, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Human Resources and Human Development…etc. Those skills are obtained by designed experiments and trainings through the volunteering period to qualify our volunteers to deal with any situation. Also, we offer a proved recommendation letter from our academic sponsors for those who have completed at least 8 months of volunteering at “Bio Team Egypt”. In addition to a professional profile in our volunteers’ archive on the website. (Terms and Conditions Are Applied)

●   Volunteers Call

“Bio Team Egypt” calls for a new generation of volunteers to apply, we are glad to announce the availability of volunteering opportunities in our General Volunteering Program. Fields of Volunteering are Public Relations, Organization, E-Marketing and Marketing. Main requirements are Basic Soft Skills, Thinking Criteria, Deep Mentality, Good Formulation, Formal Attitude, Biotechnology Student, Graduate or Young Researcher. If shortlisted, You must contact us with your CV and any previous experience via the following email, hr@bioteamegy.com, If your mentioned experience are accepted, You will be referred to the personal interview phase.

Volunteers are must be Biotechnology students and preferred to be from the following universities:
    ● Ain Shams University
    ● Cairo University
    ● MUST University
    ● MSA University
    ● GUC University
    ● Helwan University

Volunteers will work on organizing different range of events including conferences, seminars, and workshops. Every volunteer will work on specific task for specific time that is expected to be determined upon the overall work requirements. These tasks within the following main committees (Strategies and organization, Marketing and E-Marketing, Public and Academic Relations, Team Representation, Fund Management and Logistics). You can search about these terminologies in order to get more understanding in depth about every aspect. Bio Team Egypt is concerned about the flexibility of the team members so that every volunteer would gain the full experience with the team. Furthermore, members must be willing to perform diverse tasks within their volunteering period in order to achieve his evaluation full mark. More details will be provided after proceeding applications for selected applicants.

●   Personal Specifications

Essential: Charisma ● Analytical ● Self-confidence ● Patient and polite ● Friendly personality ● Smart and Open minded ● Ability to influence others ● Flexibility and adaptability ● The ability of self-learning ● Has the ability to act and dress in a formal way ● The ability to work under pressure (Hard worker) ●

Desired: Initiative ● Leadership ● Stress management ● General Knowledge ● Business etiquette ● Creative person ● Presentation skills ● Adept formal writer ● Have a nose for news ● Marketing bases background ● Should be people orientated ● Has the ability to negotiate ● Has the ability to manage time ● Ability to speak fluent English ● Has the ability to work in a team ● Has the ability to make a perfect sales call ● Has the ability to solve the customers’ problems ● Commitment (the first impression is the last impression) ●

●   Contact Details

If there is any inquiries don't hesitate to contact us via the following details:

    ● Email: hr@bioteamegy.com
    ● Mob: (+20)1009477184
    ● Contact Form

●   Notes:

1. Bio Team Egypt does not provide any scientific or practical training for his members.
2. Bio Team Egypt is only responsible for providing rich experiences so that his members can simulate the market reality.
4. Bio Team Egypt does not provide any recommendation letters or credentials for any member violated team rules.
5. Bio Team Egypt does not provide any recommendation letters or credentials for any member didn't complete his experiment with the team or a period of time equals 12 months Whichever is farther.

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About Us

Bio Team Egypt
We are Egyptian activists in the field of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness. Researchers, engineers and undergrad students from divers Egyptian universities and institutions. One target has collected us, is to create an Egyptian scientific community which is specialized into Biotechnology.

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