The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars - EBES 2016 (Vol.1)

The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars - EBES 2016 (Vol.1)
The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars - EBES 2016 (Vol.1)

In our path in contributing into developing Egyptian and Arab students in Biotechnology sector. “Bio Team Egypt” continues its initiative of events of “The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars - EBES 2016" through the launching of the opening edition on Thu - 17th March, which held at the new conferences hall of the National Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt. It’s worth to be mentioned that “Bio Team Egypt” works on organizing this category of events semi-monthly every year aiming for supplying the Egyptian scientific community with its needs from divers information and experiences in the field of Biotechnology through the attraction of the interested students and researchers in addition to experienced professors and doctors. “The Egyptian Biotechnology Era Seminars – EBES” is bridging the gap between the different generations and works on enriching the atmosphere in general. Middle East Molecular Biology Sources - MEMBS, was the academic sponsor in addition to Ain Shams Center For Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Sharf Foundation and ESPCR. This edition of EBES attended by 80+ students, graduates and researchers from the Egyptian Biotechnology sector.

This Seminar included many important lectures in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology under the following titles: Proteomics: Post-Genomic Era of Molecular Biology, Stem Cells In Egypt, Genome Editing: The Dreams Come True, The Story from Despair to Success, Transgenic Technology Has Revolutionized Agriculture Biotechnology. We are honored of the participation of "Dr. Abd El Bary El Prince", PhD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, General Secretary at The Arab Society of Stem Cells. "Prof. Dr. Fawzy El-Feky", Professor of Genetics at Faculty of Agriculture, Al-Azhar University. “Prof. Dr. Fathy Abd El-Twab” Professor of Genetics at Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, General Secretary at The Egyptian Association of Genetic Sciences. "Prof. Dr. Weal Abou El-Kheir" Professor of Immunology and Microbiology at the Military Medical Academy, Secertor of Egyptian Society of Stem Cells. Dr.Hussein Sabit, Associate professor of Genetics, Vice Dean for Community Services, Faculty of Biotechnology, MUST University. Ms. Radwa Raouf, Graduated & Pre-Master Student at Biotechnology/ Biomolecular Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Cairo University.

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Bio Team Egypt
We are Egyptian activists in the field of Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship awareness. Researchers, engineers and undergrad students from divers Egyptian universities and institutions. One target has collected us, is to create an Egyptian scientific community which is specialized into Biotechnology.

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