Biotechnology and the Seven Virtues

Biotechnology and the Seven Virtues

• Biotechnology and the Seven Virtues

Though every field of study has its tempting advantages, Biotechnology stands out from other fields. This can be attributed to its novelty, and the attention paid by scientist, from the beginning, to all the concepts that make Biotechnology contribute to humanity development and create a civilizational transformation. Those concepts are advantageous, too. For they are demanded, nowadays, and are considered to be principals that many centuries of the third millennium will depend on. Herein, let's get a closer look to advantages.
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First virtue: Biotechnology, contrary to what people may perceive, is a field and not a science. To illustrate, Biotechnology is a term that combine more than a branch of science and a specialty in one crucible under the of "Biotechnology". Since in this field many scopes of science such as biology, engineering and informatics are compiled together along with revolutionary connotations such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and others. Such compilation will, unquestionably, give the opportunity to the unconventional ideas and extraordinary solutions to lead and enhance the production rate, treatment approaches, and even better service effectiveness.
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Second virtue: As a matter of fact, Biotechnology is more of a technology than a science. To put it simply, Biotechnology is being taught to be practiced as an applied science not to create new knowledge. That is to say, biotechnologists contribute more to applied sectors as entrepreneurs than in scientific research as researchers. Consequently, the main concept, technology development and its application in product manufacturing and services, takes off which not only benefits biotechnologist but also the society as a whole.

Third virtue: Biotechnology is the lifeblood of future sciences; Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Bioinformatics. This makes us question, why Biotechnology?  Simply, because Biotechnology is an integral part of our life. Adding to that, all its services and applications are correlated with the biology system so as to benefit all sectors even if it may not affect every creature individually. Actually, the revolutionary beginning of Biotechnology in the third millennium is akin to the early commencement of agriculture. That is to say, with the introduction of agriculture, both industry and civilization flourished, due to effectiveness of the agricultural products in almost every aspect of life from health sector to industrial and military parts, etc. In a similar way, Biotechnology affects every part of our lives starting from the food we eat to Mars colonization in the future.


Fourth Virtue: Biotechnology is an innovational field that does not require the existence of giant companies; with relatively simple facilities one can enter the Biotechnology entrepreneurship to create an incredibly influential product or a service without the need of giant production lines or piles of money. From a modestly equipped laboratory, illuminative ideas take off.


Fifth Virtue: Biotechnology field is founded mainly on cooperation and communal work; represented in team working together with varied and funding quarters. The bigger and more cooperative your team, the greater the chance of making unprecedented achievements.

Sixth Virtue: Biotechnology field takes in all scientific and engineering specialties. In other words, the working team includes scientists from all walks of science such as biology, chemistry and physics. Such variability enriches the goal achievement abilities and the adopted vision.
Seventh Virtue:  I have a special fondness for Biotechnology field which is the most substantial merit since if it was not for it, I would not write this article and knew the other merits. J Though, which virtue will you add by entering the field? 

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Translated By: Eman Fathy Abdeltwab

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