How to Study Bioinformatics in Egypt?

How to Study Bioinformatics in Egypt?

How to Study Bioinformatics?

Today, we are going to dive deep in the Bioinformatics sphere in terms of the prerequisites and the type of job opportunities it provides, in general. To begin with, Bioinformatics is a novel field of study in Egypt, to a great extent and we should be fully aware of its know-how prior to joining it. It worth mentioning that, the field of Bioinformatics is promising and full of potentials, for with little innovative skills and persistent hard work a momentous application can be created which in itself can participate in the revolution of technology and bioinformatics in the 21st century. Hereby, let's start our journey.
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First: Secondary Schools

As mentioned before in the article "The Study of Bioinformatics", all students from different backgrounds can enroll in the aforementioned field, including secondary school graduates as for a bachelor's degree. For instance, Bioinformatics is being taught as a major in the Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences in the following universities; Ain Shams University, Cairo University, and Mansoura University. As for high school graduates, there are some conditions to take into consideration. Firstly, they should graduate in the sciences division, either mathematics section or sciences section. However, if the applicants graduated in the sciences section, they will have to study math-2 syllabus, along with considering the secondary school coordination, as a prerequisite to pursue studies in Bioinformatics and their marks in math-2 syllabus will not be counted in the graduate degrees. Secondly, Bioinformatics program in the previously mentioned universities is considered as a private program. In other words, it is being taught in the credit hour system for four years, therefore tuition fees are required. According to the latest updates, the tuition fee is 11000 EGP for nationals. For further information about the program description, you can simply visit the aforementioned link.
Second: For biotechnology colleges' graduates and other sciences colleges
Similarly, for  Biotechnology colleges' graduates and other sciences colleges' scholars, they  can study bioinformatics after graduation in the form of diploma degree  for two years in multiple academic institutions such as  the Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences in Ain Shams University, the Bioinformatics Centre in The Nile University, The Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute, University of Sadat City and Unit Training for Bioinformatics and Genomic in Zagazig University. Bear in mind that, an applicant should have a bachelor's degree in a scientific field, besides some institution may demand English language proficiency proof whether through academic IELTS or other approved courses.
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The study of Bioinformatics as an integral part in Biotechnology

In this context, it worth mentioning that Bioinformatics is being taught to Biotechnology learners in different forms through some curriculum mainly in the last two years in college. Simultaneously, Biotechnology scholars are the ones closest to the field of Bioinformatics since it is a pivotal tool that helps them analyze and figure out data in different scientific projects and research. In conclusion, if you are interested to learn more about biotechnology, the following links may help you.

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Translated By: Eman Fathy Abdeltwab

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