The Essence of Bioinformatics Studies

The Essence of Bioinformatics Studies

The Study of Bioinformatics:

When I started studying Biotechnology, I found it difficult to comprehend the unmanageable terminology. How am I supposed to relate to all these revolutionary terms at once! And introduce it to the society as an effective alternative to the out-dated principles. However, recently, a lot of the Biotechnology terms have been recognized and used widely. Take Bioinformatics as an example, this field of study, which has been identified lately, has become a dream to many scholars for what they hear about its potentials. Likewise Biotechnology, Bioinformatics is a broad branch of science and many branches of science collaborate together to complete a certain mission. That's why; an initiative has been launched to edify students about the Bioinformatics field.
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As the number of Biotechnology seekers is growing, it would be prudent to distribute them over the different disciplines of the field. Herein, Bioinformatics will be defined as one of the paramount principles of the field. Unlike the other series related to the awareness of the Biotechnology aspects, the series starting with this article will not only target secondary school graduates but also all science students since it is available for both. 

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Types of Bioinformatics students:

Initially, bioinformatics study is categorized in two groups. First, Bachelor's level, secondary school graduate can enroll in bioinformatics studies in the Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences only if they belong to the sciences division. Second, diploma degree as postgraduate studies. 

The meaning of Bioinformatics:

Briefly, Bioinformatics is the branch of science that merges between computer sciences and biology in order to analyze or store the biological data and using it in research and the different technological applications. In addition, Informatics is one of the crucial tools in the aforementioned field which is mainly meant with the data analysis with its different programming languages that incorporate with the construction, management and analysis of various electronic websites, computer applications and databases.

Examples of the applications of Bioinformatics:

Bioinformatics applications are numerous. To illustrate, one of the important application is the program responsible for the analysis of the databases which saves a lot of time and effort yet it requires massive computer facilities. Such types of programs replace laboratory experiments and produce data that are used in tremendous researches. Take the human genome project as an example, thanks to technical revolution that accelerated the project steps the project draft had ended earlier in 2001. Furthermore, bioinformatics has invaded the field of artificial intelligence and researches of biological molecules transformation such as DNA as Data Storage. Bioinformatics has the lion share of Biotechnological investments especially great companies like Google and Microsoft due to the cost effective tools it provides besides other applications e.g. Personal Medicine and Drug Discovery. 

Course description of bioinformatics in Egypt:

Though, how bioinformatics is being taught in academia in Egypt? As Biotechnology, the academic study of bioinformatics is divided into three branches; first, Informatics branch that includes mathematics and its subdivisions, programming, electronics, algorithms, statistics and operating systems. Second, biology branch that includes; genetic engineering, biochemistry, biology, physics, molecular biology, and genomics. Third, subjects related to specialization such as Artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational biology and genomics.

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Translated By: Eman Fathy Abdeltwab

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