Where is Biotechnology? First-year challenge at college

Where is Biotechnology? First-year challenge at college

Where is Biotechnology? First-year challenge at college

At the beginning of every academic year, many students are full of enthusiasm, ambition and futuristic aspirations for a better future. However, as days pass, especially in the first year, those feelings start to fade gradually and depression takes over. Put it down to many reasons; students do not feel that what they study differ from other subjects from other specialties and their instructors are not merely specialist in Biotechnology. However, are those conjectures real? Or there are some missing considerations. Herein, we will tackle this issue. 
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To begin with, let's exemplify Biotechnology with a huge tower. What do you think the paramount issue that should be taken into consideration while building this tower? Definitely, the infrastructure and the foundations. Similarly, for a beginner in Biotechnology, a solid background in the field ought to be constructed. Some may censure and question, why do they need to gain more knowledge after 16 years in different levels of education? Simply, fellows, all the years one spends in academia are just preparatory steps. That is to say, all the different stages of education, including university ones, are preliminary junctures as those periods do not provide scholars with all the knowledge required, and the university is only a gate to the labor market. Therefore, more and more endeavors need to be considered to fulfill your ambitions.
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Thus, the significance of the first year at college lies in providing scholars with fundamental sciences which will equip them with different tools to cope with the most advanced concepts in Biotechnology. For instance, how can a cell be utilized without knowing its physiology and its mechanism of action. Simultaneously, effort should be exerted to link these sciences with the Biotechnology futuristic goals which accordingly put every concept in its place among other principals and terms in the field. Besides, scholars ought to pay attention to the practical sections during the first year and seize every opportunity as these chances may not be available in the future.

In other words, scholars should do the best they can during their first year at college and later on they will reap the profits; when they start to identify and prioritize their goals and find out how their serious attitudes in the first year averted numerous impediments. Besides, what most students do not know is that they do not have to wait till graduation to start a job or publish a research paper. On the contrary, they can put their dreams and goals into action form year one. It worth mentioning that, one ought to accept all the differences and challenges with an open heart and should never be satisfied with the college curriculum as it represents almost 1% of the actual science. Ultimately, most of the pioneering unprecedented research in the field of Biotechnology is originated from basic sciences. For this reason, if you want to lead in the field of Biotechnology, spare no effort in understanding these basic sciences. Do not rush, my fellows, our predecessors once said" Everything comes to you in the right moment", so be patient.  

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Translated By: Eman Fathy Abdeltwab

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