Your chance in Biotechnology is waiting for you

Your chance in Biotechnology is waiting for you

• Your chance in Biotechnology is Waiting for you

Biotechnology learners' perspective of the field can be blurred to the extent that they misunderstand the vision and the mission of the field. For me, I categorize these problems into two groups; first, I noticed some novice biotechnologists picture biotechnology as the magical gate that will lead them to the dream field which they did not manage to reach through general secondary education. Second, some biotechnologists believe that there is no chance for the field of biotechnology in Egypt due to the lack of facilities and investment. So, let's tackle this misunderstanding in a way that I wish to make everything clear for you, my fellows, in hopes that it will foster their abilities on planning and push them forward.

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First and foremost, it worth mentioning that one should filter what he/she hears especially form small-minded ignorant people. Do not be misled with their shining neat glamorous words; all that glitters is not gold. To make it clear, this issue has nothing to do with someone per se yet with common logic. Since when I realize a massive amount of nonsense false information widely prevailing among students, I come to the realization that someone inexperienced has prevailed it, you know no smoke without fire. Hence, one should be careful with the words and digest every single word, criticize it and make their minds into it. On this occasion, an old saying comes to mind: Mind distinguishes man, if the mind is absent, they conceal. Thus, we should be armed with proper valid knowledge and alert insight along with enough awareness of the subject of study, itself. Such an attitude would guarantee us proper successful planning for our futuristic goals. Someone may raise the question, why I began with such a harsh introduction? Let me make myself clear, actually, one of my readers may be a future event organizer or a member of any activity, or maybe an integral part of an institution, company or even university. However, I am pretty sure; many of them will be demonstrators and teaching associates teaching biotechnology somewhere here in Egypt, all the best indeed. So, accuracy and delicacy ought to be a way of life, if we want to be a source of trust to others, and for our own good indeed.

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• Biotechnology is an independent field:

As far as the first category is concerned, let's put the idea that biotechnology is the magical gate to your dream field aside. Actually, my fellows, this conception is outdated, as you could simply choose your path from the beginning or wait to change it later in your career life, regardless the hardships and hitches because your passion is the thing that all matters the most. On the other hand, look at the bright side. In biotechnology, if you could manage your passion correctly, you would find tremendous opportunities for the future. That is to say, you can exploit the various techniques of biotechnology and deploy it in your original desired field. Consequently, this would be a great moment and chance to seize, since you can merge the two fields and come up with new terms and novel insights.

As for the second category, as a matter of fact, the biotechnology roots date back to the Pharaonic civilization, so it would be unfair to claim that biotechnology is a new unpopular field. In other words, is the most dominant field in Egypt, unprecedentedly, is biotechnology despite the novelty of the terms it brings to the community. If it was not for the facilities provided by the country and its institutions, students would not race to enroll in biotechnology programs. Meanwhile, for the first time, we notice the eagerness and interest of a field, in Egypt, right from the cradle to the extent of devoting institution and research centers specialized only for biotechnology. Even those researchers who spent the majority of their lives in certain fields, you will find them harnessing their research skills by acquainting them themselves with the tools and techniques offered by biotechnology. It worth mentioning that, it is the first time to move a branch of science for the postgraduate studies level to be studied to the undergraduates.

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In conclusion, those who claim that biotechnology is not applicable in Egypt may be an amateur who has yet found his/her way in the field and with the first difficulty, he/she faces they just give up and start to utter whimsical speculations about the field instead of trying harder. You know, where there's a will, there's a way. Always keep in mind to counsel experienced and wise counselor. Though the article contradicts many opinions, the obstacles and mishaps are undeniable. So, always keep on trying.

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Translated By: Eman Fathy Abdeltwab

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