Prof. Dr. Walid M. El-Sharoud

Prof.  Dr. Walid M. El-Sharoud

• Prof. Dr. Walid M. El-Sharoud

PhD in Bacterial Physiology and Food Safety, The University of Reading (UK), Professor at Mansoura University, EGYPT.

Walid El-Sharoud is a professor at Mansoura University with a PhD degree in molecular bacterial physiology and food safety from the University of Reading (UK). Walid has studied bacterial ribosomes and stress responses in microorganisms. He has also been interested in molecular characterization and detection of pathogenic and industrial microorganisms. Recently, Walid has directed his research efforts to synthetic biology starting to apply its tools to the production of biofuels and other industrial products. His ongoing research also involves DNA computing and the development of new DNA synthesis protocols.

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