Environmental Biotechnology and Startup potential in Egypt

Environmental Biotechnology and Startup potential in Egypt
Dr Ehab

• Environmental Biotechnology and Startup potential in Egypt

Dr. Ehab Abdel-Raouf Essawy, Lecturer of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Coordinator of Molecular Biotechnology Program, Director of Bioinformatics Center, Faculty of Science, Helwan University.

Innovation and job creation in biotechnology has continued to escalate worldwide. Biotechnology is recognized as a rapidly emerging technology having huge impact across food, health and environment. Creating an ecosystem for building a sustainable and impactful biotech business is of a great importance for Egypt. In this short presentation. I will explore potential opportunities for biotech-business growth and examples of success stories in biotech start-ups in Egypt. Also, the role of government, Institutions of higher education and the private-public sectors for establishing biotech hubs, supporting the innovative ecosystem and entrepreneurship culture will be illustrated.

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