Bioenergy Sector in Egypt

Bioenergy Sector in Egypt, The field of biotechnology is the basis for the progress of any industry or civilization in the modern era.

Bioenergy Sector in Egypt

• Bioenergy Sector in Egypt

The field of biotechnology is the basis for the progress of any industry or civilization in the modern era. And as biotechnology has the effect of preserving humans from hunger and droughts, it also has the same in the energy field. All civilizations need food, water, and energy. And although energy has different meanings over thousands of years of human life, like steam power, fossil, atomic energy that resulted from splitting of the nucleus, renewable energy of the sun, wind, and the energy of the earth, biotechnology comes with many revolutionary sciences and applications in the field of energy. And in the twenty-first-century, biotechnology began to another concept of energy, which is bioenergy. But what is the bioenergy? Bioenergy is the energy resulting from different biological systems, which are microorganisms, plants, or even animals, to produce materials that have the same combustibility as we find in fossil materials such as gasoline and diesel oil.

Bioenergy has safer and less polluting alternatives with no environmental effect and has the same molecular structures of popular fuels. Biofuels have become a substitute for fossil fuels, and biodiesel has become a diesel oil alternative by which planes, and engines run. And scientific research is still trying to raise the efficiency of this fuel to replace any fossil fuel completely with those alternatives. All of these types of biofuels are produced biologically as a result of the reactions that take place inside the cells of one of the organisms. For example, there are types of biodiesel produced by the Jatropha plant, and there are fungus types that generate bioelectric energy or biogas. Best of all, the by-products of combustion processes have no negative effects on the environment and easily decomposed.

Bioenergy is the most influential biotechnology in business. Therefore, bioenergy is one of biotechnology in which you can get employment opportunities, training, and field visits in the business sector, due to the diversity of the categories of companies related to the field. A very large number of researchers related to agriculture and biological research, enter into bioenergy through their research on plants and microorganisms and that simple bioreactors were recently famous in researchers' laboratories.

And you will notice a difference in the levels of research projects. That you will find simple ones that are limited to the primal product, you will find the most advanced ones such as genetic engineering, genomics, and proteomics to improve the biological compounds from which energy extracted. So, you should prepare well by reading before you begin seeking training. And about companies and entrepreneurship, if you want to start creating your company in the field contact and coordinate with bioenergy companies and through a simple search on "Google" will provide you with all the details. You can also train o produce this type of biofuels to you can produce it at more industrial levels in the future. In terms of scientific research in bioenergy, researchers are many, and you will find them in conferences and seminars. Also, you can make a research proposal and submit it to get funding and start working on it when it is approved. This was only an introduction to the field and the reality of its presence. Follow our attempts in the future to further talk about it.


Translated by: Walaa Abdelwahab

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